Who We Are

We are a Non-Profit organization.We are here to keep you informed about the Missing and Exploited Children,and Kidnappings..I created this website with every intention to get the word out about the Missing and Exploited Children. I had a thought of Ham Radio and Communications,and working closely with Other Agencies,to obtain information for the sole purpose of getting the word out to the Public,and to get everyone involved and trained to be alert of their surroundings. There is several children on the  Amber alert link page that.that isn't to far from my home. I am sure that if you look at these innocent children,it will make you think,,If we have any kind of dignity at all as  human beings,we will pull together to make this program work, IWe have the technology to reach out to thousands of people in the USA alone..In the USA there is close to 700,000 Licensed Ham Radio Operators..There is at least that many more when we include the countries outside of the USA..To get the word out to at least 200,000 people can be done in less then 30 minutes with enough members of this site...I am also working through The FBI website that is updated daily, On obtaining some of my information ..I hope through this website we can work together to make a difference,to make our society a safer place for our children. I know it is a very big task, but however,if we don't do anything,then how will our environment be, without doing anything..So I hope this helps you understand  on who we are, and what we are trying to do...If you feel like this website is in violation of any USA laws please feel to report it to the BBB (Better Business bureau). or Higher Authorities..We are not here to play,This is not a game.. I take this very seriously. I am sure that if we can bring just 1 child home,even if it took 10 years..would that be worth the little effort that it takes to come to this website every 2-3 days,to look at the updates, as they are posted,so they can be around on different website like Facebook,yahoo,AOL, pal talk Google...I believe strongly in what I am doing,and I believe strongly it will work..Thank you for reading this..If you have made it this far in the website, I am sure you are a right minded individual,and you know deep in your heart,that joining this site, is the right thing to do..Again,,Together we can all make a difference....I am looking forward to seeing you as a member...

Thank you..Mike Winston

ke5tkp  73's